Une élève raconte son PEVI

My PEVI trip to Boston with my secondary 4 class – by Olivia Battista

During the three days we spent in Boston, we visited several different places such as museums and universities. Many of the buildings in this city have an educational purpose as will be demonstrated with the following photographs.

On the first day, we went to the Afro-American Museum. We were informed on Afro-American history and visited the African Meeting House, the first African Baptist Congregation, and the Abiel Smith House, the first public school for Afro-Americans.


We also went to the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum. There, we learned a lot about the Kennedy family as well as their impact on the United States.bost1

We walked around the Harvard University campus and learned about the history of the famous Harvard library. Although we were not able to go inside the building, we still had a good idea of what kind of architecture it has.

Another university we went to is MIT University. This campus has a very eccentric architecture; indeed, the buildings have different angles and shapes such as circles or squares.

On our last day in Boston, we went to the Science Museum. We got to explore different sections in the museum and watched a demonstration on lightning using the Van de Graff generator.bost2

In conclusion, Boston is a lively city that has many educational institutions. In fact, most of them are linked to very important pieces of the history of America. Consequently, it is necessary for us and for future generations to be informed and keep honoring this history.

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